Compost for a Healthier Newburyport

Change is needed—Organic waste is estimated to account for up to 50% of solid waste

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At the prompting of the City Council and in support of the City’s Toward Zero Waste program, an ACES project team developed a plan for increasing composting in Newburyport.

As municipalities are facing rapidly rising and uncontrolled costs for disposal, collection and hauling of waste and landfills are full and closing, and incinerators are near 100% capacity, pro-active action is needed.

An educational campaign, designed to increase awareness of the benefits of composting and promoting the importance of becoming a composter, it will share insights on:

  • The degree of on-going composting in Newburyport
  • The financial benefits of composting
  • The environmental benefits of composting
  • The various ways in which residents and organizations can compost
  • The practicalities and logistics of composting, including dispelling any myths
  • The City’s commitment to overall waste reduction

If you would like to be a part of this team effort to increase composting, please send a note expressing your interest to with COMPOST TEAM in the subject line.

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Stacey Macmillan

Stacey works at the intersection of the legal and technology sectors, helping law firm leaders leverage technology to more effectively manage people and expand business. As part of an ACES project team, Stacey is supporting efforts to increase composting across Newburyport, and thereby reduce the City’s overall waste.

Sarah Hall

Sarah is a lifelong educator who is equally comfortable both in the classroom and the outdoors. In her current position as a Teacher/Naturalist for Mass Audubon, she is committed to helping children feel wonder and connection with the natural world in order to foster environmental stewardship. As an ACES advisor/mentor, she is a key member of the team focused on leading the effort to reduce waste and support the overall "Compost for a Healthier Newburyport" campaign which is promoting composting throughout the Newburyport community.

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