Complete Guide To Composting

Compost for a Healthier Newburyport

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Composting is one of the best ways to reduce our carbon footprint and positively impact climate change.   

“One of our most significant challenges for society and our community is disposing of the ever-increasing volume of waste of all forms. Organic waste from the production of foods, from our tables and kitchens adds to the weight of our trash and disposal costs. Composting reduces costs and positively impacts our carbon footprint as it reduces methane emissions and enhances soils, water retention and provides carbon sequestration”

- Molly Ettenborough, Recycling and Energy Manager, Newburyport.

To access the complete guide/presentation, please click on "Download."

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Andrea Siy

Andrea has over 25 years experience in the marketing communications field, working in both agency and corporate environments. She ran the marketing departments at a variety of companies before starting her own marketing agency, S!Y Communications, Inc. in 2003. The agency specializes in small to mid-sized clients and includes a hands-on team of talented print and online designers. They combine strategic thinking and proven marketing techniques with a fresh, innovative and creative style. 

Kathy Stark

Kathy’s professional background in sales and marketing gives her a valuable perspective on the importance of effective and impactful communications for a successful organization. She is a key member of the marketing/communications team of ACES contributing her outreach, sales, marketing, and communication skills in the interest of environmental stewardship. Kathy is the editor of our monthly newsletter.

Sam Cooper

A NHS graduate, Sam is attending the college of Willam and Mary. A founding member of the ACES Youth Corps, he was the former president of the NHS Interact Club and involved with other impactful clubs and activities. His contributions to a variety of ACES projects since joining as an intern in the summer of 2019 are a testament to his enthusiasm for environmental stewardship and playing a key role in the contribution to increase the awareness of the importance of stewardship for future generations.

Sarah Hall

Sarah is a lifelong educator who is equally comfortable both in the classroom and the outdoors. In her current position as a Teacher/Naturalist for Mass Audubon, she is committed to helping children feel wonder and connection with the natural world in order to foster environmental stewardship. As an ACES advisor/mentor, she is a key member of the team focused on leading the effort to reduce waste and support the overall "Compost for a Healthier Newburyport" campaign which is promoting composting throughout the Newburyport community.

Stacey Macmillan

Stacey works at the intersection of the legal and technology sectors, helping law firm leaders leverage technology to more effectively manage people and expand business. As part of an ACES project team, Stacey is supporting efforts to increase composting across Newburyport, and thereby reduce the City’s overall waste.

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