We exist to foster stewardship and motivate action toward positively impacting the planet’s climate and our environment’s health.

All individuals on the ACES team are working in service to the planet by supporting the programs of our allies and encouraging others to join us as stewards of our environment.

Our long term goals

Environmental stewardship

To further establish our reputation as a purposeful, values-based organization, dedicated to fostering climate and environmental stewardship via collaboration

Inspired, qualified leaders

To have a core team of inspired, qualified leaders working collaboratively to identify and gain broad based support for initiatives, plans and programs, as well as developing and overseeing the execution of annual plans

Regional communications system

To support or establish a regional communications system for keeping all stakeholders aware of critical climate and environmental related information, long and medium term preparation needs, and potential resources by January 15, 2020.

What we are solving

The world is facing climate and environmental crises. Respecting the axiom “Think Globally, Work Locally, Act Personally,” ACES recognizes the need to unite the efforts of individuals and organizations working to address these challenges. Independently, much can be and has been achieved; however, we believe that by forming alliances to promote initiatives that support our common aims, a significantly greater impact will result.

ACES History

The Alliance was formed in 2018 to address this need and to create a model for the Greater Newburyport area with aspirations to broaden our reach. After establishing a Board of Directors, the first action by ACES was the development of a three year alignment plan. In addition to a number of thriving climate and environmental stewardship organizations in the area, the City of Newburyport has sustainability embedded in its master plan and municipal operations.

Climate and Environmental Initiatives

Our initiatives have fostered an understanding of the potential for collaboration among participating Allies, garnering acknowledgment of their importance by municipal authorities, state legislators, school administrators, and community members. This work has established a solid foundation for additional opportunities for increased collaboration in the future.

How we work

ACES’ first collaborative effort was the establishment of a “Spring Clean-up Campaign” in 2018, which promoted the scheduled clean-up events of over fifteen organizations. On the heels of that success, similar clean-up campaigns followed in Fall 2018 and Spring 2019. In addition, ACES has coordinated an ongoing guest opinion column in partnership with our local newspaper, for which a wide variety of  environmental organizations have written compelling pieces. ACES supported over twenty-five organizations’ participation in a “Green Expo” held in April 2019, and served as a catalyst in the development and promotion of a “Coalition for a Healthy Merrimack River.”

“Raising awareness on the most pressing environmental issues of our time is more important than ever.”

Leonardo DiCaprio
American actor, film producer, and environmentalist