The Pollinator PowerWorks, planting "bee friendly" gardens

Planting a native plant, pollinator garden can help save the planet

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You can make a difference. Plant your own garden, help others plant, or help convert a hayfield into a pollinator meadow.

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Why we started the Pollinator PowerWorks

Last winter, U.S. beekeepers lost 45% of their bee population. In the past decade, we have been losing 16% of all pollinators per year. This is due to habitat loss caused by factors such as pesticides, mining, and development. A world without pollinators certainly couldn’t sustain seven billion people, which is why we need to act now to save our food supply and the health of our ecosystem. When people are passionate about something, that’s when we really see change.

The best way to reverse what is happening is to start small 

If we can plant even just a few more gardens, then we will be saving a significant number of pollinators. So many families and residents in Newburyport and surrounding communities would benefit from joining others and planting their own pollinator gardens. They are beautiful to look at, exciting to learn about, and mesmerizing to watch, as they attract a variety of species. 

The Pollinator PowerWorks, a multi-generational group of stewards, aim to create a network of pollinator gardens throughout the Greater Newburyport area which can be connected to surrounding communities and become part of the Greater Massachusetts Network:

You can make a difference

Plant your own garden, help others plant, or help convert a hayfield into a pollinator meadow.

 In 2022, ACES Pollinator PowerWorks would like to garner much needed attention for bees and butterflies by reaching out to the greater Newburyport community to offer help designing, planting, and powering up pollinator gardens for 10 to 15 enthusiastic individuals this spring.

We will supply the toolkit, plants, and boots on the ground to help get your garden started. We are creating a garden plan for small, medium, and large gardens to accommodate different sized plots and levels of ambition. Come join our little team and bring more butterflies and bees to your yard this summer.

If you want to help, plant a new garden, or if you already have a pollinator garden and want to add to our efforts, the best way to get started is filling out our short form:

Or contact

Pollinator PowerWorks Project plans to help design gardens.

Download small pollinator garden plan.

Download medium pollinator garden plan.

Download large pollinator garden plan.

Download wet pollinator garden plan.

Download shady pollinator garden plan

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Nicolas Forestell

Nicolas is a Junior at Newburyport High School who moved to Newburyport from San Francisco in 2019. He enjoys observing the weather, spending time outside hiking and observing plants and wildlife, taking pictures, and gardening with native plants. His native plant garden is slowly expanding, and has successfully attracted lots of pollinators and other wildlife.

Katie Adams

Katie is a NHS Senior and teacher’s assistant at the Newburyport Montessori School in the summers. Katie’s interests include art, writing, and environmental preservation. Katie illustrated our delightful garden plans to spark your imagination and show what’s possible in your own garden space!

Ellie Volckhausen

Ellie is a mom, Design Director, and passionate pollinator advocate. Ellie has a small patch of sun at her downtown Newburyport property where she and the kids planted swamp milkweed and hosted at least 3 big monarch caterpillars last summer! 

Susan MacPhee

Susan is an ACES advisor, web designer of and drives her family and friends nuts with her devotion to recycling, composting, and saving the earth. With ACES, she finally found her voice.

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