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ACES shares an important message of understanding our relationship with the planet and thanking those who do

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Allies and Partners

Editor’s note: This is one in a continuing series of guest opinions about fostering environmental stewardship coordinated by ACES, the Alliance of Climate and Environmental Stewards.

Reflecting and Honoring all those who gave their lives

Memorial Day was an important day to reflect upon and honor all those who gave their lives in service to the United States and additionally all of our family members and friends who are no longer with us. It might also be a day to reflect on all the loss of individual species that have become extinct and no longer contribute to Earth’s ecosystems.

Understanding our Relationship with the Planet

For context, our environment supplies what all living things need to survive: shelter, water and food. This environment includes such physical factors as air, temperature and soil as well as other living things — organisms, which interact with other organisms.

These symbiotic relationships benefit us all. Organisms that do not make their own food survive by eating other organisms as illustrated by the fact that the vegetation that humans and other species consume as food allows us to live.

Looking to the future, we know the lives and well-being of future generations depend on the actions we need to take now to address the planet’s climate and the environment’s health for the next 30 years.

We understand that the health of our natural world has a direct impact on the health of humans, yet we often ignore that interdependence and what it means for our survival. Today, we congratulate and honor all the individuals and organizations that are stewards of our environment for the future. They take organized and personal action to contribute to the well-being of all humans and all species in some manner.

"thanking the following ACES ally organizations"

To ensure healthy lives in Greater Newburyport and beyond, please join us in thanking the following ACES ally organizations for their contributions as stewards and guardians:

Healthy water – Ipswich River Watershed Association, Merrimack River Watershed Council and the Parker River Clean Water Association.

Healthy shelter and soil – Essex County Greenbelt Association, Friends of Maudslay State Park and The Trustees of Reservations.

Healthy food – High Road Farm, Maple Crest Farm, Nourishing the North Shore, Our Neighbors' Table, The HERB FARMacy

Healthy air – C-10 Research and Educational Foundation, Citizens Climate Lobby, Coastal Trails Coalition, Friends of Newburyport Trees, Livable Streets, MassBike.

Healthy minds – Climate Café, Friends of the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, the Gulf of Maine Institute, Joppa Flats Education Center, Merrohawke Nature School, Newburyport Public Schools, River Valley Charter School, Small Solutions — Big Ideas, Storm Surge, The Repair Café, Tinkerhaus, Transition Newburyport and Women in Action Huddle.

Acknowledge the Contributions of the ACES Youth Corps

We also want to acknowledge the contributions of the ACES Youth Corps. As integral members of ACES programs, projects and operational teams, they are working diligently to make a difference in everyone’s lives and working to create a healthier environment.

We especially want to recognize active Youth Corps members Alex Fincher, Andres Liang, Caleb Bradshaw, Charlotte Gretz, Ellie Kerns, Emily Miga, Jackson Darling, Lucas Daignault, Nicholas Foristell, Nolan Smith, Samson Leblanc and Sophia Franco.

Send comments or questions by email to Caleb Bradshaw, who coordinates these columns, at To learn more about ACES, go to

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