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Save The Planet Before It's Too Late

A youths perspective on climate change 

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The following Letter to the Editor by a middle school student acknowledged ACES as a community resource

All around the world, carbon emissions are destroying the health of the Earth and living creatures on it.

Carbon dioxide takes up 80% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Our community needs to do something about it before time runs out and the planet will never be clean of these emissions again.

Carbon emissions became an issue in the 1970s when we started depending fully on burning fossil fuels for energy. And over the years, emissions have gotten worse, and worse, and worse.

These emissions impact everyone’s health, even the planet’s. This is because the carbon emissions get stuck in the Earth’s atmosphere, which creates smog, and large amounts of smog are horrible for anyone to breathe in.

It also causes climate change because the emissions trap a lot of heat in the atmosphere of Earth. Now because of this, everyone has seen and heard of the effects of this issue. There are more wildfires, heat waves, droughts, floods, the sea level is rising, glaciers are melting, etc.

I know some people think this isn’t such a serious matter. I mean, how can our world commit to not burning fossil fuels at all for a long period of time? I get it. It does seem impossible to fix this, but we need to think about the future, the health of our planet, and others suffering from this.

Government and nongovernmental organizations are trying to help end this issue. Most spread awareness, donate and create projects to help end this issue. They do succeed in doing so, too.

We have one organization in our community, too, called, the Alliance of Climate and Environmental Stewards (ACES).

Even though these organizations around the country are trying to help, we can’t just leave this problem all to them to fix. Our world needs all people to commit and decrease their own carbon footprint.

It’s not easy to change your whole lifestyle to save the planet, but this is a very serious situation. Time is running out by the day.

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