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Editor’s note: This is one in a continuing series of educational columns about fostering environmental stewardship and leadership coordinated by ACES — Alliance of Climate and Environmental Stewards.

by  Mara Flynn, Director of Youth and Children's Ministry -- First Religious Society Unitarian Universalist

In the lead up to our annual Earth Day Service on April 21, led by the FRSUU Green Team, we spent several weeks in Young Church talking about nature and about our fears and hopes for the planet, our home. We talked about what we can continue to do individually, and about larger systems that need to change. The children created signs and art to share, and five students wrote original "Poems for the Planet" to share with the congregation. We are delighted to be able to share their poetry with you!



We love our earth and please don’t leave trash on earth.
I bet that earth has feelings. Just because someone can’t talk doesn’t mean they don’t have
Animals, people - you care about them, right?
So you should care about earth which includes trees, grass, and that stuff.
Bye. Thank you.
Oh. And earth is peace and hope. Bye.
by Serafina Moerlein-age 7

Together we can make change.
Not with one of us left out, together we can make change. Show each other that change can
make a big difference. Together we can make change.
by Elodie Stafford-age 8

If cats were in charge of the world
Air pollution would be an illusion
Because cats don’t drive cars
We wouldn’t have to cut down trees for our beds They would be made of cloth and fluff
If cats were in charge of the world the
only type of litter would be kitty litter
If cats were in charge of the world, we wouldn’t burn fossil fuels
Cats don’t heat their houses, they leave that to their fur
The world would be a better place if cats, cats, cats, were in charge of the world.
by Esme Speck-age 8 (almost 9!)

Today the world is a good place,
But tomorrow, we can make it greater.
But we should do it sooner, rather than later.
You could plant some trees,
Or make a hive with lots of bees.
You could plant a flower in the soil and try not to use too much oil.
Take a walk in the garden and look at the plants but try not to step on too many ants.
When you are going to school, instead of taking a car, you could ride a bike,
If it's not too far.
by Julia Treat-age 9

The earth is the center of our being and it supplies us with all we need to survive and thrive.
It has created many other life forms including plants, animals, and fungi.
While we create buildings and houses, the earth creates forests and plains.
While we create tanks and guns, the earth creates leopards and pumas.
Even though we create technology that can ruin our planet’s surface, we can also create
technology to help repair the earth.
With hope and curiosity we can direct our inquisitive minds and great potential towards saving
our planet earth.
by Hal Shepard-age 9

ACES Youth Corps and team members invite you to stay updated on climate and environmental matters by subscribing to our monthly newsletter via the “Subscribe to Updates” link on ACES’ website – Please consider joining our community of environmentally minded neighbors and let us know your thoughts or ideas to help Make Every Day Earth Day at We can make a BIG difference together.

This column first appeared in The Daily News of Newburyport on May 10, 2024.

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Mara Flynn

Mara Flynn joined the staff of the First Religious Society as Director of Children’s Ministry in 2019. She brings years of experience in theater, music, and education and is committed to fostering community, self-awareness and empathy, and the exploration of social justice as a spiritual practice. Mara holds a BFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. In addition to over 20 years teaching and directing workshops for various organizations (Tannery Arts Camp, Theater in the Open) she was co-director at Acting Out in Newburyport where she taught for 15 years. As a singer-songwriter, Mara has released three solo albums on Burst and Bloom Records; her last album, “Good Hands,” was released in 2016.

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