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This is one in a continuing series of educational columns about fostering environmental stewardship and leadership coordinated by ACES -- the Alliance of Climate and Environmental Stewards.

It’s no ‘bull’ to say that climate and the environment has been getting a lot of attention locally. With Plum Island closing entry and exit during last week’s storm and Salisbury Beach appearing on the CBS national news as a poster child for sea level rise with waves cresting over the sand and down alongside Tripoli’s Pizza, we have seen clear evidence of our dire situation.
Newburyport considering moving its Ward 1 Plum Island satellite voting venue onto the mainland suggests that at least for that location a strategic retreat seems sensible. With insurance companies raising rates and FEMA toughening its standards, coastal communities like ours need to begin thinking about this issue, even if it’s twenty-five or more years down the road.
Climate has been on the minds of scientists and nature lovers for years, but lately it’s catching the attention of planning boards and public safety officials. Many states are making climate care part of formal government efforts.
But this Earth Day weekend, it’s all about celebrating our lives together on this beautiful blue and green planet. Join ACES and seventeen other environmental groups on Sunday, April 21, from noon to 3 PM at the Market Square Bullnose in Newburyport for a story, information sharing and learning how to get involved. Folks from Maple Crest Farm, Merrimack Valley Planning Commission, Newburyport Livable Streets, Our Neighbors Table, First Parish Church of Newbury Food Pantry, Nourishing the North Shore, Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, C-10, Merrimack River Watershed Council, Coastal Trails Coalition, Small Solutions/Big Ideas, Storm Surge, Port Parks Alliance and the Repair Café of Newburyport will be on hand. Also meet members of the Governor's Academy Green Team and the City of Newburyport Sustainability Office.

There will be live music provided by Imagine Studios, and maybe even a sing-a-long. You’ll also hear informally from some of our local elected officials including Newburyport Mayor Reardon, Amesbury Mayor Gove, officials from surrounding communities, Representative Dawn Shand, and Senator Bruce Tarr.See what you can do locally to help the cause. Whether you are a long-time resident or new to the area, come on down and maybe meet a few new like-minded friends. And bring the kids or grandkids along. After all, caring for the planet is about protecting their future and personally making every day Earth Day. It’s an opportunity to gather and connect as a community around shared values of caring for the Earth. So come on down to the celebration on Sunday, have some fun, meet others, sing along and find out how you can Make Every Day Earth Day. But that’s not all the Earth Day activity happening this week! Learn about the energy savings technology of Heat Pumps on Thursday night at the FRSUU Green Team sponsored “Heat Pump Party-Technology, Rebates/Incentives, Costs and Experience.”On Saturday Storm Surge sponsors the timely “Riding Tides - Visualizing Cashman Park Coastline Change,” Climate Cafe sponsors “Treading Dangerous Waters,” and Image Studios presents “One World Earth Day Benefit."

Other events taking place on Sunday are the Blue Ocean Society “Plum Island Beach Cleanup” and the “10th Annual Earth Port Film Festival.” Details of these and other year-round environmental events are available at: https://www.aces-alliance.org/events Elizabeth Marcus and Ben Iacono are co-leaders of the 2024 ACES based Earth Day Celebration.

ACES youth corps and team members invite you to stay updated by subscribing to our monthly newsletter via the “Subscribe to Updates” link on this websitePlease consider joining our community of environmentally minded neighbors and let us know your thoughts or ideas to help MAKE EVERY DAY EARTH DAY by using the CONTACT page on this website. Together we can make a difference!

This column first appeared in The Daily News of Newburyport on April 12, 2024.

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about the co-authors
Elizabeth Marcus

Elizabeth has been active in numerous local environmental stewardship groups and
projects for over a decade. She is currently involved with the Alchemical Garden on the
Clipper City Rail Trail, the Coastal Trails Coalition, the Earth Port Film Festival, the Time
Trade Network of Greater Newburyport, and Repair Cafe Newburyport.

Ben Iacono

Ben is the Treasurer of ACES. A true community builder, he devotes his skills, energy and time to make a positive contribution, help achieve an organization’s goals, and “give back to my community". He has been and continues to be a leader and team member with the Exchange Club,  Livable Streets, Council on Aging, the newly created Port Parks Alliance, and others. Ben is also enthusiastic about fostering opportunities to develop and recognize youth as they grow and develop into environmental stewards.