Merrimack River Study: Rowing Community

Photo by Matthew Fournier on Unsplash
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This survey is a grass-roots effort to get beyond speculation and appearances, and start measuring, tracking and quantifying the real effects of all this change on the Merrimack. To do this, we’re collecting feedback directly from some of the most vested members of the community -- rowers.

Purpose of Study

The Merrimack River has always been a place that enabled commerce, travel and recreation for the people and communities lucky enough to access it. But that access has come at a price as population density continues to rise, and industries, shopping malls and office space continue to expand. The result is that the Merrimack again appears threatened by pollution.

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Rick Jacques

The founder of EbbTideRowing in Haverhill, Rick enjoys rowing racing shells, open water boats and kayaking on sections of the Merrimack River from Methuen to Newburyport. In looking for a way to give back to the community, Rick is a key member of the Healthy Merrimack River Initiative team.

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