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To complete research, marketing, communications, project management, etc. activities required to complete tasks and/or projects in an orderly and efficient manner.‍

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The ALLIANCE OF CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDS, Inc. (ACES) is a 501C3 organization devoted to building an alliance of collaborating organizations, businesses, NGOs, governmental bodies, educational institutions and individuals committed to foster effective actions to address climate change and environmental degradation.

Our Purpose is:  To positively impact our environment’s health and our planet’s climate.

Collectively, as an alliance, we will nurture and promote stewards of our environment, fostering collaboration directed at building a resilient, sustainable, healthy and prosperous future for the Greater Newburyport, MA area (initially as a model) and then beyond.  We honor the axiom of “THINK GLOBALLY, WORK LOCALLY, AND ACT PERSONALLY,”

The organization is committed to personal growth and the evolution of a proactive, can-do culture in which each team member enthusiastically supports and works collaboratively on the key initiatives that are undertaken.

In building this organization, we are committed to providing qualified college students with the opportunity to explore their career interests and engage in important internship learning experiences. We look forward to the contributions of each student in our win-win working/learning environment.


Goal: To contribute to the growth and success of the organization by serving on a team of leaders supporting selected stewardship initiatives as a relevant and meaningful, learning experience.

Objective: To complete research, marketing, communications, project management, etc. activities required to complete tasks and/or projects in an orderly and efficient manner.

Scope: Through participation with a school’s internship program, we interview and select motivated, positive students who are interested in a variety of applied learning experiences. We expect that the overall experience will contribute building blocks to a student’s envisioned career track. The work encompasses a variety of activities in working with and/or supporting other team members that relate to a student’s learning experience objectives. This could include working on specific initiative projects; such as the Coalition for a Healthy Merrimack River. It could be in support of such allied organizations as: the Gulf of Maine Institute, the Merrimack River Watershed Coalition, Coastal Trails and MA Audubon’s Joppa Flats Education Center.

Responsibilities: The specific responsibilities and project will depend upon the student’s interests and focus.

Fields of Study/Projects: The nature of the project will be designed around the student’s pursuits – whether he/she be exploring a sustainability leadership, environmental science, environmental engineering, business management, administrative services, accounting, or marketing/communications career track.


  1. A positive attitude toward life and learning and a personal interest in being an environmental steward.
  2. An interest in understanding more about the work associated with a specific career track and the skills to make a contribution given the priorities and activities of the organization or one of its Allies.
  3. Strong verbal and written communication skills and a high degree of comfort with the world of social media.
  4. Strong computer skills using Microsoft’s Office Suite and Google’s G Suite supported systems. Specific software competency related to one’s career track may include Photoshop, Sketch Up, Illustrator or Quick books.
  5. Proven competency in writing reports and developing presentations.
  6. An interest in details and accuracy as well as being orderly and organized.
  7. Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain open communications, a close working relationship with and the confidence of a variety of individual personalities.
  8. Ability to manage time and accomplish tasks as agreed.

Examples of Opportunities for Internships to Connect with Initiatives: 1) City - Waste Stream Minimization Program - serving on a team to understand what is needed to ensure that the program is implemented, 2) City –  a Household/Commercial Composting Program - researching what is needed to advance the current program, 3) City – Long term waste stream packaging reduction plan - researching the market place to understand options and developing a report on considerations  4) City - working with NHS E-Club - Elimination of single-use plastic water bottles - support the overall development and implementation of a plan .5) Region - The Healthy Merrimack River Initiative - serving with experts on a specific team working on a project needed to make progress toward a healthy river.

Contact: Art Currier at or call 508-243-5273 to set a time for a conversation about any questions, your interests, the current initiatives and what internship experiences could be meaningful for you.

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