Detailing a Regional Environmental Collaboration

To that end, ACES provides networking opportunities, helps identify shared interests/initiatives, and offers organizational development, marketing, communications, best practices and securing finances support.

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Allies and Partners

Editor’s note: This is one in a continuing series of guest opinions about fostering environmental stewardship. The series is coordinated by ACES, the Alliance of Climate and Environmental Stewards.

The Alliance of Climate and Environmental Stewards Inc. (ACES) is a 501(c)(3) with roots in the Newburyport Cleantech Center that existed to support entrepreneurs developing their businesses in the innovative clean technology sector of the economy.

It is now a not-for-profit corporation devoted to building an alliance of collaborating stewardship-oriented organizations, businesses, nongovernmental organizations, governmental bodies, educational institutions and individuals (ALLIES). We are committed to our stated purpose: “To positively impact our environment’s health and our planet’s climate.” This is why we exist.

Collectively, as an alliance, we nurture and assist initiatives promoting stewardship of our climate and environment. We believe that collaboration is critical for success in today’s dynamic world to leverage the great work of many independent entities, all working for a better future.

Our focus is on fostering collaboration directed at building a resilient, sustainable, healthy and prosperous future for Greater Newburyport and then beyond. We honor the axiom: “Think globally, work locally, and act personally.”

The values we embrace include collaboration, communication, integrity, leadership, respect and sustainability.

Our vision for 2021 is that ACES becomes a vibrant network of ALLIES collaborating to address climate change, environmental and economic health. To that end, ACES provides networking opportunities, helps identify shared interests/initiatives, and offers organizational development, marketing, communications, best practices and securing finances support.

The leadership team is a multiaged group of inspired stewards – individuals committed to improving the legacy of the planet.

Our overarching goal for the next three years is to build this organization of inspired stewards with the capability to gather, organize and share resources needed to enhance the health of our environment. Guided by a leadership team supported by an engaged board, the organization employs best practices to:

Work “in-service” to a network of ever-growing allies in support of their purpose.

Serve as a facilitator, catalyst, convener, connector, promoter, communicator, amplifier, organizer, etc. — with stewards and others responsible for execution via specific project teams.

Define, monitor and promote relevant assets (programs, products and services) that contribute to the area’s overall foundation for climate and environmental stewardship initiatives.

Build community resiliency in the face of climate change (medium-term adaptation and mitigation).

Contribute to slowing the rate of global warming/climate change and lowering our carbon footprint (long-term mitigation effect).

We believe that long-term success will be measured by our contribution to enhancing our quality of life and the achievement of the above goals. Ultimately, we hope to serve as a model for establishing collaborative approaches to develop and implement initiatives beyond the Greater Newburyport base.

Current initiatives that ACES is supporting include: spring and fall cleanup campaigns that promoted events organized and conducted by over 10 Allies; the Healthy Merrimack River initiative, a project of a broad number of concerned stakeholder groups; nurturing environmental stewardship and mindfulness among youths in collaboration with the education business coalition and the Newburyport public school system; and fostering environmental stewardship.”

As a step toward bringing the above vision to reality, we are pleased to be working with The Daily News to provide readers with an opportunity to gain more insight into the purpose, work, and positive impacts of the many folks working in our community for change. It is their efforts that contribute to collective success and inspire us all to keep working for the health of our planet. You’ll be reading more about them in these pages.

Art Currier is a founder and the CEO of ACES. Anyone interested in learning more about the opportunity to support this organization or any of its current or potential initiatives/projects can reach him at

This column was coordinated by ACES Intern and NHS Senior, Eleni Protopapas, who can be reached at to share any comments or questions. To learn more about ACES and our Youth Leadership Initiative, please view our WEBSITE –

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As the Principal of Currier & Associates, Art guides individuals and organizations to have clarity about their PURPOSE and the actions needed to be aligned. Concerned about the well-being of youth and future generations, he is leading ACES to fulfill its purpose and goals to foster stewardship and motivate positive actions for our environment.

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