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The city, its businesses, and its citizens are embracing Forever Green Newburyport, focused on being committed to creating a positive change for our environment.

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Pat Cannon

Editor’s note:

This is one in a continuing series of guest opinions about fostering environmental stewardship and leadership coordinated by ACES — The Alliance of Climate and Environmental Stewards.

Forever Green Newburyport is an annual collaborative campaign with the Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the City of Newburyport to promote sustainability for our community and move toward our communitywide net zero emissions by 2050. We are launching the Forever Green NBPT program in April – aka Earth Month – to highlight members’ commitment to environmental and sustainable values.

One of our main programs this year is Windows for Change, a collaboration between local businesses and youths to have storefront window displays designed by youths around creative environmental presentations and messages. They will be exhibited throughout the month to honor the retail community’s dedication to supporting environmental initiatives.

Local retailers are donating window space to display the environmentally related projects created by youth. The program will include a map showing the locations of participating windows and an event on April 21 at City Hall to celebrate participants in the project and Newburyport’s dedication to environmental initiatives.

The city, its businesses and citizens are embracing Forever Green Newburyport, focused on being committed to creating a positive change for our environment.

As we walk through our community, let’s highlight a few of the sights.

Strolling through Market Square, we see Greetings by Design, a unique and very special gift shop specializing in custom-designed stationery. This amazing shop repurposes all packaging and gives it to a small, local, home-based company as well as to Pak Mail for their use.

Green Plum Vintage and The Cottage are eclectic shops that offer a variety of items, including new, antique and vintage treasures. A commitment to the environment is also evidenced by shops like Green House, whose mantra is providing eco-friendly, zero-waste home, beauty, skin care and cleaning products for ethical, responsible plastic-free living.

And around the corner is New England Sketchbook. This very special shop is focused on valuing our local craftsmen and artisans who curate materials to embrace our local history.

Heading east along the waterfront behind the Custom House Maritime Museum is one of Newburyport’s most popular destinations. Oldies, housed in a large maritime repurposed building, it contains a well-curated array of antique furniture, decor, books and clothing being recycled for others to enjoy.

A little farther east is the historic Tannery Marketplace, which has been recognized by Boston Magazine as the best shopping on the North Shore. The small mall is a hub of indoor and outdoor activity featuring independently owned shops filled with one-of-a-kind treasures.

Originally a community tannery, today’s repurposed building and space epitomizes sustainable environmental strategy with solar panels, sustainably sourced giant wooden columns, and a multitude of “green shops,” including Beach Plum Flower Shop, providing clean-air-producing plants; Gentry’s and A Touch of Naples, providing wonderful vintage wear; as well a great cosy cafe – Chococoa.

Patronizing one of these shops is a small but significant act of environmentalism because buying locally and especially buying vintage is a climate and a fashion value.

Obviously, transporting goods from far away is harmful for the climate. When visiting Greater Newburyport, there are ways to increase the amount of “localization” of our spending and consuming that can benefit our planet. Localizing our lives is critical to our local economy and supporting environmental sustainability.

The city is embracing Forever Green Newburyport’s support of its small-business mix to support an ecosystem- based focus on buying sustainable vintage goods and supporting locally grown foods at the farmers market and local farm stands.

So please accept our invitation to become more environmentally attuned and localize your life by embracing Forever Green Newburyport at https://www. forevergreen/ Pat Cannon is the chairperson of the Forever Green Newburyport campaign and the owner of CAtCH events – a local event company specializing in historic properties.

Our Youth Corps asks that you embrace the spirit of this campaign and its importance to future generations and then act accordingly personally. To learn more about doing more for the future or if you have any questions, please send an email to acesnewburyport@gmail. com. To learn more about ACES and its Initiatives, visit https://www.aces-alliance. org.

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