Report on Composting Survey in Newburyport

Understanding the Perspectives of Residents

Allies and Partners

This survey was initiated to gain insights into the composting attitudes, interests,and practices of the residents of Newburyport.

The Survey was developed by ACES interns and co-coordinators Sam Cooper and Summer Noonan. A link to the survey was shared with residents based social media posts, an article in The Daily News of Newburyport, and emails to tenants, friends,and interested parties It was open from May 10 - June 10, 2020. The analysis of the responses was then performed by Sam Cooper with the support of Carol Meinhart, and Stacey Macmillan

To access the survey results' presentation please click on "Download"

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about the author
Stacey Macmillan

Stacey works at the intersection of the legal and technology sectors, helping law firm leaders leverage technology to more effectively manage people and expand business. As part of an ACES project team, Stacey is supporting efforts to increase composting across Newburyport, and thereby reduce the City’s overall waste.

about the co-authors
Sam Cooper

A NHS graduate, Sam is attending the college of Willam and Mary. A founding member of the ACES Youth Corps, he was the former president of the NHS Interact Club and involved with other impactful clubs and activities. His contributions to a variety of ACES projects since joining as an intern in the summer of 2019 are a testament to his enthusiasm for environmental stewardship and playing a key role in the contribution to increase the awareness of the importance of stewardship for future generations.