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Climate Futures plaques installed along rail trail

Three Remembrance of Climate Futures plaques go up in Newburyport to educate the public about climate change in their area

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Editor’s note: ACES, as the fiscal sponsor for this project directed by Tom Starr, collaborated in securing a grant from the Essex County Community Foundation to support the project's presence in 10 communities.


The latest in a series of public art plaques documenting the history of climate change from the point of view of a future date in the 21st century have been installed along the recently opened section of the Clipper City Rail Trail behind the wastewater treatment plant on Water Street.

The series, “Remembrance of Climate Futures,” is a collaboration involving 10 Essex County communities and four landholder partners – The Trustees of Reservations, Salem State University, Mass Audubon and Salem Maritime National Historic Site.

The messages reflect that climate change knows no boundaries — a fact that will be made evident as people encounter this network of plaques throughout the county, according to a press release.

In addition to increasing awareness of local adaptation efforts, public art offers an opportunity for residents and visitors to imagine their role in mitigating climate change.

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