ACES Youth Corps get Shoutout

ACES Youth Crops gets recognition for their hard work

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A shout-out to city youths and the organizations that guide them

I'd like to give a shout-out to Newburyport Youth Services, the Alliance of Climate and Environmental Stewardship (ACES), the district's school staff and administrators, and the city and local businesses at large for giving young people in our community opportunities to share their talents and passions, express and raise their voices, and offer opportunities for them to engage as active citizens.

We must "continue to print articles where students' voices are heard."

I also want to thank The Daily News and encourage them to continue to print articles where students' voices are heard. I've enjoyed and learned from reading student opinion columns about climate change and suggestions for all community members to help save the planet that these young people live in and care about.

I've been inspired seeing student artwork hanging in downtown shops. Our city's youth have a lot of important things to say and I am encouraged to hear that we as a community are listening. - Sharon Kennedy

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