ACES – Our Backstory

ACES, the Alliance of Climate and Environmental Stewards, fosters collaboration among over 30 Greater Newburyport area stewardship organizations committed to the sustainability and health of our planet.

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Allies and Partners

Fifteen years ago a group of Newburyport business people and environmentalists met and formed an eco-collaborative. These stewards were determined to raise public awareness of the importance of our surrounding natural world and began by creating two successful Green Expos.

Fast forward to 2019 and the urgency of our climate crisis has generated more group networking, building a more formal and we think more powerful Alliance. Much like a squad of super heroes, each with unique powers, Allies use their individual strengths to support, promote, and enhance common activities.

Participants in ACES include organizations, groups and individuals, many with advanced degrees in sciences, planning, and public policy as well as citizens – young and old – who simply share our concern for the environment.  We have chosen to focus on four main initiatives: Opportunities to Nurture Environmental Stewardship and Mindfulness among Youth; Campaigns to Clean Up the Rivers, Marshes and Beaches; Coordinating Media Exposure for Allies, and Creating Healthy Rivers.

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After a career in Marketing for science and high tech based corporations, Ron is a member of the Marketing Communications Team of the Alliance of Climate and Environmental Stewards (ACES) where he often focuses on our communication strategies both in traditional and social media.

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