ACES Issues Report with Municipal Waste Reduction Planning Tool

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Motivated by the enormous environmental damage and cost to dispose of all the waste being generated in our local communities, ACES conducted research into the state of solid waste which is driving significant future cost increases. A goal of the report is to foster effective waste reduction plans and best practices in our regional communities in Massachusetts.

The team, consisting of 4 ACES Advisors and Sophie Giedraitis and Helena Strauch (both members of ACES Youth Corps and project interns) supported months of research and work. This has created a report with significant context to better understand what is happening with waste and its future impact on our communities, the goals and strategies of the Mass Waste Master Plan, and a planning worksheet tool for municipalities. This report offers the findings and research detail available to all interested city and town officials.

Sophie’s understanding of the importance of this issue is captured in this statement:  " Developing this report has given me significant insight into the future impact of different sectors of waste and how they will be impacting our surrounding communities.  Most importantly, I've learned what planning and practices are needed to address these waste concerns and protocols that could be implemented in the future to make progress towards a zero-waste environment. I hope that all communities will take actions that are truly needed"

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Sophie Giedratis

Sophie is a graduate of Triton Regional High school who recently completed her first year of Northern Essex Community College where she is majoring in engineering science with a specialization in mechanical engineering. She has also delved into the world of science with classes in biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, and environmental science. She also took part in the arts; being a part of Triton’s women’s choir, art club, and theatre group throughout her middle and high school years. Sophie aspires to apply her knowledge to aid in the development and innovation of clean sources of energy and fuel that help power the world around us.

As a hobby, Sophie enjoys the art of programming; taking interest in the coding language of Python and the markup languages of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With these skills, she plans to advance her abilities in the processes of collecting and analyzing data, building websites, and the concepts of AI and machine learning.  

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