Our Waters

ACES is especially concerned about the environmental damage done to the Merrimack River since industrialization, population growth, CSOs, and other pollutants.

We focus on the need for collaboration in order to stop added pollution and maintain a healthy river. Supporting the creation of a broad-based, multi-state Coalition, ACES can help raise community, state, and federal awareness of the urgency for a clean, safe Merrimack river. We support efforts of participating organizations, commissions, and individuals to reach out to health professionals as well as to sportsmen, recreational users, dog owners, parents and guardians, caregivers, social clubs, etc. , developing an expansive stakeholder base. We operate from a foundation of scientific facts, statistics, and feedback.  Producing a variety of feasible solutions, the Coalition can then work with an established Authority to engage public officials in the dialogue required to secure necessary funding, resources, and policies. We believe proposals and actions must be sustainable, serving the well-being of future generations.  

Allies Supporting this Initiative